Into The Dark

A 3-5 player board game that pits one player against the rest in a game of logic, strategic deception, and imperfect information

Into the Dark is an asymmetric board game where one player acts as a spectral trickster, and the other players are human adventurers attempting to raid a dungeon and destroy the spirit's source of power. The core mechanic of the game is a hidden board controlled by the spirit which has all of the correct information regarding the players movements and layout of the dungeon. The players have an empty board which they attempt to fill with correct information in order to navigate the dungeon. 
Our team went through several weeks of iterative testing and user feedback, but Into the Dark has proven to be a fun game. We submitted a Print-and-Play document to the Hasbro Board Game Design contest. 
I was the only artistic designer on our small team and had control over all of the asset production for the project. Several challenges arose throughout testing such as users not understanding how certain items worked, so I had to evaluate the functionality and then pick an on theme representative image. 
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